In search of new roads – Tres

After a burger at the Cougar Mountain Lodge we jumped the Hwy onto FR 626, which is a nice gravel road that climbs up towards Sage Hen Reservoir.

Twists and turns past firs and pines …. FR 626

…. and through a meadow or two

The winter snow of this past season has left this area’s landscape exceptionally green and the roads continue to be dust free. Still on FR 626

We pass Sage Hen Reservoir and 626 continues west to Hancock Road.

Meadows in bloom …

The day running long we point the bikes south and continue with a fast run down the Ola Highway until we hit Montour.

Finding our route to Johnson Creek blocked by water we rerouted through Horseshoe Bend, Pearl Road, and into North Eagle.

The days riding was fantastic … we experienced both rain and sun on some fun roads and we also found a couple of connecting routes that we had not yet ridden fulfilling the essence of dual sport riding … whats over that next hill or around the next corner?

Until next time ….


In search of new roads – 2nd Half

Once the bikes are properly fueled, or at least the DRZ since the mighty 690 is a tanker …. we headed north along the river. The days forecast called for potential showers of which thus far we have been spared. Until now ….

With the rain starting to fall one would expect moral to drop, but in this case the opposite was true. The rain seemed to transform a section of road I have only had the privilege to pass in the dustiest of conditions. With proper gear worn and water on the road …. the experience was …. different … and almost refreshing.

Left or Right

Our choice for today would be left. According to the map West Fork Creek Rd will connect over the ridge to Clear Creek Road and/or Hwy 55.

The map indicates a few miles of riding to find West Fork Creek Rd (600), but not before passing a cascading creek as it free falls down a drainage opposing the road.

Rd 600, Junction CJ, West Fork Creek

The rain has stopped leaving behind tacky dirt and clean air. We rail up the road following recent side by side tracks who, by the looks of their roost, are enjoying the day same as us.


The road has a few intersections that are not apparent on my map. Each direction recently traveled we flip a coin and choose a direction. We twist and turn making our way back up towards the ridge covering enough ground that we start to second guess the choice of the coin before another intersection comes into view.  Clear Creek Road is right, Hwy 55 is left …. as we descend towards Hwy 55 views of Cascade present before us … the clouds against the blue sky and the Green timber contrasting against the receding snow make for quite a view.

Hwy 55 across the valley

We make our way downward eventually coming to a closed gate. As we cross the gate we notice a No Trespassing sign only visible from the opposite direction. Not sure if the road we came down on was private as there were no visible signs up above … we close the gate behind and proceed.

Now connected with Hwy 55 we decide the best route into Cougar Mountain … time for lunch!