Cinnabar – Part 5 (Meadow Creek Lookout)

On my way up to Monumental Summit, I passed a small primitive two track cutting off to the west. Given the opportunity to visit decommissioned lookout towers, Meadow Creek Lookout has been on my radar for awhile. Meadow Creek sits along the upper reaches of Antimony Ridge, and this two track is the route in.

Quick shot off the road towards the SW


The run in towards the lookout is approx. 10 miles. The road being in fairly good condition allowed for a pretty decent pace.


Arrival at the lookout was welcomed … the road in seemed to have the character of “it must be over the next rise” …. “and the next rise” …. it seemed to go on and on …. a long 10 miles.


This lookout tower like the many decommissioned sites is starting to show it’s wear and tear from the elements.

Meadow Creek Lookout is an old L4 Cabin, built in 1933… old images here.

Riordan USGS Marker


A walk around the observation deck is required …










As usual, the typical views are amazing. However, the remoteness of this site has been on my mind since Monumental Summit … I’m not concerned so much of mishap, but a break down up here could pose a challenge for recovery, and being a Sunday, I would not expect much traffic past today. I do carry a SPOT to maintain a positive link with civilization, which does offer some peace of mind, but I decide it’s time to backtrack to more traveled roads.

A single track trail diverts off the road about a mile back from the lookout. This trail I believe passes Riordan Lake and reconnects with Johnson Creek Road. This will be a nice route to take on a future visit, with a partner.